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Kptk92 keen to maintain momentum

First posted on 11th September 2013 at Legends Racing League

Kptk92 en route to his third victory at Infineon and his fourth of the season as Volkswagen prepare to challenge SEAT

Kptk92 has challenged his Volkswagen team to continue to build on its recent form and take the fight to SEAT and Dodge in the Manufacturers Standings as the Championship story continues at Catalunya.

Volkswagen have taken more points than any other Manufacturer in the past two events (141) which has closed the gap to Dodge, who currently hold 2nd position. The upturn in form began when Kptk92 guided his Scirocco to his first victory of the season at Mugello, who then went on to give his campaign a shot in the arm at Infineon with a pole position and three victories. And Kptk92 believes that the good form can continue at circuits which he feels the Scirocco will excel at.

"At the start of the season we were nowhere," explained the defending Champion, "We couldn't pass anyone at Sebring in a line and Suzuka was a nightmare as soon as qualifying began which set us back, where we expected to be a lot more competitive. The turning point was at Mugello when we actually expected to struggle but the car was working so well there, which gives us a lot of confidence going forward when we visit some more handling circuits. We maximised our performance at Infineon and we're hoping we'll have a quick car at Catalunya and Tsukuba.

"I think these next few events will be crucial to determine where we will stand in the Manufacturers Standings, because it will be tough at circuits where there are longer straights."

Kptk92 says that he is anticipating a difficult time at Nurburgring and Twin Ring Motegi, which both feature some of the longest straights on the BTCC calendar, and that his hopes of defending his title for the first time will very much depend on what he can do in the build-up to these events.

"It's true that I'm not expecting much at these two events, we have one of the slowest cars in the speed traps so it will difficult to win in the future. Which is why we need to consistently win or take points off of x Shuffle in the next two or three events. I don't want to make this Championship easy for him to win, but if we don't cut into his lead significantly by Nurburgring then it may be too late."

Kptk92 took 12 points out of x Shuffle's Championship lead at Infineon, and the gap now stands at 28 points.

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