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Kptk92 admits future is unclear

First posted on 30th May 2012 at Legends Racing League

Will Kptk92 leave BMW - or even the ALMS - with a bang at Road Atlanta?

Kptk92 has revealed that his ALMS future next season is unclear and says that he is yet to sign a contract extension with BMW Motorsport.

A relatively uncompetitive season - taking only two wins and 50 points behind the Championship leader with one event to go at Road Atlanta - combined with a series of errors has left Kptk92 wondering whether he can recapture the form he and BMW had in their title winning two seasons in Season 1 and 2.

Kptk92 said to the media on Wednesday: "It's great to be here in Road Atlanta where it's now the final event of the season. It's been a very tough season, one which I'd very much like to leave behind. There was far too many misjudgements this season, I can't really pick one in particular because each were just as disastrous in that we let Jordan (x Shuffle) get away with a big lead in the Championship. The car hasn't been performing like I've wanted it to, I haven't felt at all comfortable with the chassis for a few events now and I don't expect the problems will be resolved for this one too.

"I don't know what will happen after the season has finished," Kptk92 replied to questions about his future with BMW, "I'm sure myself and the team will sit down next week and discuss the future. I've been with this team for so long but the car is not what it once was for me. Nothing has been signed yet, I will see if I seriously want to stay in this series before anything happens."

His words have sparked a frenzy of speculation as the ALMS silly season well and truly took off. The news that Porsche could be making a return could tempt the double ALMS Champion but other teams could also be preparing for a sudden change in Kptk92's mind. The announcement that Lamborghini is to be banned from the series from next season means that oHoncho and oO Troggy Oo will also be on the market as teams begin to plan their Season 4 driver line-ups.

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