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Kptk92 hopeful of more victories

First posted on 5th March 2012 at Legends Racing League

Kptk92 puts his SEAT Leon challenger through it's paces in Monday Practice

Kptk92 remains optimistic that he has the right equipment in place to sustain a bid for the Championship but concedes he needs to act fast to make up lost ground.

The man currently holding third in the standings and propping up the back of the key title runners endured a miserable event at Mugello after being involved in collisions and being unable to capitalise on the few overtaking opportunities that the Club circuit produced. However, the Brit showed flashes of his ultimate pace by taking a dominant win in the third race of the Mugello schedule.

"The pace is there, it's just that traffic has been a big issue so far this season," Kptk92 said on Monday morning. "It's the way the reverse grid works though. Clearly we're doing a good job because we're starting at the back a lot of the time but so are Jamie and Jordan. I guess it's just down to luck a lot of the time when the field is bunched up and where you come out at the other side of a collision or a race-defining incident. Last week I pulled the short straw quite a few times and as a result we lost a lot of positions that were nearly impossible to claw back due to how difficult it was to make an overtake."

When asked if a more aggressive approach was needed on race starts to bring himself closer to the summit of the standings, the SEAT driver replied: "I think the approach we have to the starts is good enough, you have to pick the inside or the outside and unfortunately you can only see where the dice fall. The aggression is there when needed but a lot of the time it's easier to let others be aggressive with each other and we can take advantage of that."

Looking ahead to the week ahead, Kptk92 was cautiously optimistic: "The team struggled here last season but it's a different day, anything can happen and we have a car capable of holding it's own against any car on any circuit. I'm confident the car will be okay here."

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