Monday, 25 August 2014

Ford announce Kptk92 for Season 1

First posted on 22nd August 2014 at Apex Online Racing

One half of the Ford team has been confirmed with the Kptk92/Motorbase combination

Ford have announced that Kptk92 will race with the Motorbase team in the upcoming BTCC season.

It follows a lengthy period of speculation for both team and driver, with the Focus ST proving popular amongst many of the drivers in the recent test session. It fits one of the many pieces of the jigsaw into place, with many teams expecting to confirm their situations before the season begins next week at Catalunya.

Kptk92 was delighted with the announcement: "There were not many cars out there to choose from for me (in the test session). The Focus is a great handling car and I hope to achieve much success with the team this season."

The Championship looks set to be an epic both on the driver's and the team's battles, with Kptk92's main rivals all electing to race in different cars, and Kptk92 suggested that this would be to the benefit of the sport.

"We'll be going to circuits of varying characteristics and everyone is going to have to reassess their targets every week," he explained. "Some cars will have the upper hand at one circuits, but could then be stuck in the midfield at the next one. Whichever car has the most consistent package all season will reap huge rewards and I think I've made the right choice. The drivers will really need to make the difference when things get tough.

"I can't wait to get going."

The first five rounds at the Circuit de Catalunya begin next Thursday, with Ford expecting to confirm their second driver imminently.

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