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Kptk92 holds first talks with Porsche

First posted on 1st June 2012 at Legends Racing League

Porsche make a return to the ALMS grid for the first time in two seasons as they look for their driver line-up.

BBC Sport understands that Porsche have had contact with Kptk92 over becoming part of their driver line-up for Season 4 of the ALMS GT series.

The talks follow a season of disappointment for Kptk92 as he struggled in the BMW and saw his rival x Shuffle claim the ALMS series by a healthy 32 point margin. The two-time Champion's contract with the BMW team runs out during this off-season as negotiations have stalled over Kptk92's criticisms of the M3 GT2's characteristics. He was quoted at Road Atlanta as saying: "The car hasn't been performing like I've wanted it to, I haven't felt at all comfortable with the chassis for a few events now and I don't expect the problems will be resolved for this one too." Despite such vocal criticisms, he doubled his win tally for the season with two wins out of three as he starred at Road Atlanta, and such a performance hasn't gone unnoticed as Kptk92 holds the key to the driver market with many teams willing to offer a drive.

And for now it looks like Porsche have first blood, with representatives of the German outfit making a personal visit to the BMW motorhome during the Road Atlanta event to offer Kptk92 a future with the team. But for now nothing concrete has been set.

"We wished a deal could have been struck immediately but for now we are only at the first stage of negotiations," said Wolfgang Porsche, chairman of the company. "We've given Kptk92 our assurances that we will have a suitable car to take on the Championship in Season 4. Now, it's down to him on what he wants to do, it seems like he might be holding out for a better deal elsewhere but what we've given him is a fantastic opportunity to be a part of a team who is seeking to recreate ALMS GT history and become a race-winning Manufacturer again."

Last week the BBC reported that Kptk92 wasn't sure if he was going to continue in the ALMS but with so many teams wanting his signature, it could be difficult for the former Champion to say no. But whether he stays with BMW, goes to Porsche or makes a surprise move elsewhere remains to be seen.

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